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DVB S, FTA, Satellite, ASTRA, hotbird - PiXieSAT
13e hotbird

I just like you, I am looking for great TV channels and will collect them in satellite receiver (yes this is my hobby). At moment is very hard find great FTA SD or HD TV channels on all available satellites. Many great satellite TV channels are only available with pay card. At moment I published TV channels what are available in 30W to 75E (English, Russian, German langue, coming soon more collection). Often with one LNB is to few to collect favorite HD, SD, FTA – Free TV channels, you need more then one LNB, often two or more. When you have favorite TV channels, example on 30W Hispasat 1E then on 10E Eutelsat 10A,  60E Intelsat 904, then problem starts, to focus LNB on one

satellite dish antenna, in this example, is not possible focus on one satellite dish antenna all LNB, you need more then one satellite dish antenna to get great strong signal results.
Often happens, if you use to small satellite dish antenna, then signal is to poor or you get on scream ,,No Signal’’ to your favorite satellite. Sometimes LNB is to poor, to get great results, yes this is correct LNB is bad. Sometimes happens, LNB what are expensive gives worse result then cheap LNB, this is fanny? But true.

satellite signal testdvb s
Coming soon updates :
43w/40w/34w/7w/7e/26e/28e(Astra 2F Astra 2E UK spot signal test in Baltic)/42e/85e/90e and more

Ok, biggest problems start if you will focus and connect 20 LNB or more on satellites. First you will do this how cheap is it possible, maintaining great strong signal results. Yes this is possible. But I recommended use expensive cable and good (middle class or expensive receiver). And for them who will learn new langue, TV channels watching is great beginning. Fanny? I have great experience, thanks German 19E Astra TV channels I learned perfect German langue, and I know who learned Polish watching 13E Hotbird Polish TV channels, then many are who learned Russian langue watching Russian TV channels from 13E hotbird, 75E abs 1…, of course English from 28E Astra and 27W Intelsat 907.…
In SATELLITE – at moment you can view great TV channel collection (30W-75E). Soon i update with verry interesting tv channels with english content (Movies , series) are at 26E Badr 4 - MBC 2 MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC Max and Dubai One, signal is ok in Baltic with 100 - 110 cm dish and Inverto Black Ultra, now possible reception with 130 cm offset dish, LNB - Inverto Black Ultra, from 52.5°E Yahsat-1A (11861 H 27500 5/6 East Beam - signal in baltic 64%) in english languge FOX Movies and FOX channels (free), from this satellite you as well can
reception interesting tv channel 12034 V 27500 2/3 ONYX HD Movies (often movies in english - original language).
.in this moment in top satellites 7E Digiturk Cryptoworks channels and 27W BBC pack
In Theme – I collected many TV channel categories (example – music, sport, news, children, fashion, religious…)
LV (DVB – S/T/C 2) – is in process, but some Pay TV card broadcasters I published those TV channel list overview60E, 36E and 5E)
Pay TV Cards – testing pay TV cards (in process)
Sat Program – in process
Technology info tutorials – this is my favorite part, I published my tests and experience – example work with LNB, what LNB is better use to satellite who have poor signal…, then great useful test with DiSEqC 10x1 switch and  DiSEqC 4x1 switch, if have more then 10 LNB, then need learn about DiSEqC.
Satellite Dish antenna art – if you have old satellite dish antenna, maybe you will refresh it! This is very easy, what you need is matt metal color and great idea…, in satellite dish antenna painting tutorial I published step by step how I painted my old satellite dish antenna. If you have question how is it possible paint your old satellite dish antenna, then check my satellite dish antenna painting tutorial.
Sat Radio – this page is in process, this will be great collection. So many great radio stations from all world is available in satellites.
Last button – I need think of …

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